March 30, 2015

Easy Ways To Start A Handmade Jewelry Collection for All Occasions

Having jewelry that was made by hand has many benefits. It is one way to support local businesses. You can have jewelry custom designed for you and each piece is bound to be unique. There are several ways to acquire handmade jewelry.

Look Online

Etsy is a website specifically for people who craft items to sell them. Hundreds of jewelry makers have stores on the site and a simple search is all you need to find the perfect accessories. If you cannot find what you are looking for online and none of the artists can create it for you, try EBay. Craftsman put their work on there too but it is not always made by hand. Contact the seller and ask before buying or bidding on an item.

Conventions/ Festivals

Hobby gatherings often have a place where attendees can buy things pertaining to the overall theme. This might be called a dealer's room, bazaar, or marketplace. Artists and jewelry makers go to these gatherings and rent tables to sell their creations. These conventions are a great occasion to wear what you buy or buy as gifts. If you cannot buy something at the convention, take one of their business cards or write down their website for later browsing.

Flea Markets

Many jewelry makers spend weekends at local flea markets to show off and sell the pieces that they have made. Unlike conventions and festivals, flea markets are usually open most of the year unless the weather is bad. Spend a day at your area's local flea market and talk to the artists. They might be able to recommend a table that sells jewelry or get you in contact with a jewelry maker who is not present.

Make Your Own

If you have skills in arts and crafts, you may want to try your hand at making jewelry yourself. Department stores, arts and crafts stores, and online shops sell all the materials needed to make almost any type of jewelry. You are limited only by your imagination and can create items that fit your personal style and events that you attend. However, it takes a steady hand and attention to detail to make jewelry.


Stand out at gatherings with handmade jewelry that no one has ever seen. It is a good conversation starter and if you made the jewelry yourself, to gain potential customers. Jewelry also makes great gifts for friends and family.